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Do you want one of our inspirational customized training or lectures?
Here are some examples:

– ‘Successful coaching’
– ‘Divergence spectacles’ (importance of different insights and perspectives)
– ‘Process-thinking’
– ‘Giving presentations… I dare you!’
– ‘Inspiration for entrepreneurs’
– ‘International business’
–Ā ‘China seen through round eyes’
– ‘Introduction on process thinking ‘

But there’s more, customized for you. Feel free to ask more what we can do for you specifically.

Firm in Enterpriseā„¢ is/was associated with:
– EuroCollege Business School, lecturer marketing, international business & business coach
– Business School Netherland (BSN), lecturer mini-master ‘Operations Management’.
– IVA Business School, lecturer in International Business.
– Rotterdam University, lecturer ‘Successful coaching’ (own material).
– Koss-institute, teachers’ views on process thinking “.
– Sitvako, teachers ‘Economy’, ‘Logistics’ and ‘Management’.
– Avans University, guest lectures inspirator, different topics.