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Do you want to boost your organization, but you lack the capacity? Are you looking for an interim-manager to substitute for a (temporarily) dropout? Maybe you are in need of an inspering person that helps you realize a change or innovation?

We like to roll our sleeves up and put our shoulder to the wheel of your orgnization. The issue(s) will be examined from an integral point of view and systematically and pragmatically solved and implemented. Before you know, the change is routine.

While working we act as inspirator for co-workers, have an exemplary role and bring logic, free of charge.

Some key words of our specific strength, passion, knowledge and experience:
– Marketing & (International) Corporate strategy
– Finance & Management Information
– Interdisciplinary (business) process-management and change-management
– Project and (management) coaching

Generalism is our specialty. We like the chaos, in profit and non-profit, (international) business, healthcare, government / municipalities.

Our best fitting buzzwords:
creative marketing, blue oceans, innovation, spotting opportunities and tackle innovation, mediation, negotiation, politics, simplicity and logic.

Before you know it the improvement is routine.

Call or email, the intake is almost always free!