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For us it is logic that we are responsible and socially interact with the environment and surroundings. Firm in Enterprseā„¢ inspires entrepreneurs also to the benefit of society and the environment. We believe that CSR goes beyond legal obligations…

CSR is not only something you do for the environment, it actually can benefit your organization! Economic and social ambitions do not have to exclude each other!

Firm in Enterpriseā„¢ donates to different charities, some long term, some once. Examples are: the family home for parents of sick children in the ‘Langeland Hospital’, contribute to the Foundation Missahoe Wonder to build an orphanage in Ghana, Foundation for Animals and Project, sport events for tabletennis worldcup, research to cure diseases and offers time to help young children at special project in school.
Besides that, there is an other way of helping, by using the gained knowledge over the years for the greater good of society.

We deliver the chairman of the selection committee of the WMO participation council in Zoetermeer, the chairman of the local policital party VVD, the chairman of Executive Board of Clementia, support starting entrepreneurs (pro deo), lecturers at different schools (from intermediate vocational education to MBA), guidance to graduate students, etc.

Obviously we consciously deal with office supplies, we separate our waste and limit travel times where possible using current technology. As one of the first companies in the Netherlands all employees drive a hybrid car (since 2005), and we still are…

International business, specially in and with China, lets us deal with care, we do not participate in child labor, bribery or fraudulent business. More is to find in our (Dutch) company code. (English version is translated with Google to give an impression of our code)