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For Firm in Enterprise ™, it is essential that clients can trust and remain in the company. Therefore, Firm in Enterprise ™ adhere to generally accepted norms and values, and local laws and regulations, particularly in the acquisition and execution of contracts.

Fair Competition
The management and employees must refrain from: 
-Behaviour contrary to the European and Dutch competition law 
-Unethical acts towards clients, intermediaries and competitors, and other third parties; 
-criminal behavior in interactions with clients and competitors.

Business relationships
The acquisition and execution of orders should be made within a business relationship. It is not allowed to give gifts or disproportionate to accept or free services or products to or acceptance of (potential) clients, relations of (potential) clients or third parties with whom business relationships are maintained. Small gifts are permitted only in recognition of the recipient and where they commit to anything. Gifts that can be converted into cash or equivalent, are always acceptable. Firm in Enterprise ™ payments to embarrass, are not allowed. Not only the level but also the nature of the payment is important. Gifts with a value of over € 25, – should in any case be discussed with the board, with gifts of a value of more than 
 € 150, – consult the management with an independent third party. 
 When an executive or employee a gift is embarrassed, he or she reports to the director, who then must decide how to act. In its capacity as an employee of Firm in Enterprise ™ sending or accepting invitations to non-business activities require the consent of the Board, who shall, if deemed necessary, seek advice from an independent third party.

Administration and Invoice
Transactions with clients must be recorded in the records under the relevant procedures. The administration of each project should be complete, accurate and insightful to be. Invoices must be in accordance with statutory regulations and business practices to be established. Cash payments or cash to pay should never be accepted unless payment is made in accordance with generally accepted auditing procedures.


Firm in Enterprise ™ expects suppliers, subcontractors and service providers that they trust Firm in Enterprise ™ in them, do not violate. Agreements must be strictly observed. Such business partners may be of the same Firm in Enterprise ™ expect.

Fair Competition
In dealings with business partners and objective business considerations made in commissioning and co. Obtaining information about competitors, suppliers, subcontractors solely on a lawful manner. Firm in Enterprise ™ will not use suppliers, subcontractors, or anyone to laws and rules to break or circumvent, or to act contrary to what in society and widely accepted is considered. 
 Employees must refrain from any criminal conduct in dealings with business partners.

Safety, health and environment
The preparation, planning and execution of works should also business partners of Firm in Enterprise ™ all applicable rules and guidelines concerning safety, health and environmental compliance. Firm in Enterprise ™ will be on compliance issues that partners of rules and regulations and monitor them, if necessary, indicate the existence of those rules and regulations, and the fact that it must be observed. Firm in Enterprise ™ strives for the environment as little as possible and in any case unnecessary, burden.

Societal norms and values
Each employee has their own ambitions and values. Within Firm in Enterprise ™ are aspirations, norms and values. Specifically they are: integrity, openness, entrepreneurship, customer orientation, professionalism, results orientation, collaboration, flexibility and solution-oriented. For all individual and within the company current ambitions and values ​​is that they must fit within accepted social norms and values. 
 In all cases, employees of Firm in Enterprise ™ obliged to abide by these generally accepted societal norms and values. Employees must refrain from any unlawful conduct towards each other and third parties.

Employees are evaluated on their performance and proven quality. Discrimination based on race, religion or belief, political opinion, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation or otherwise indicates Firm in Enterprise ™ specifically off. Physical, verbal or sexual harassment is not tolerated. Employees are advised to vertrouwensarts symptoms and / or the directors box. If such cases are observed in others this requires the employee to inform the relevant board. This obligation, all employees of Firm in Enterprise ™ as it is (the note of) violations under the law and / or the reasonableness and fairness of society, with evidence of sabotage or high degree of dysfunction of one of the employees the client.
Safety, health and environment 
 The preparation, planning and implementation of projects, all applicable rules and guidelines concerning safety, health and environmental compliance. The misapplication of this is not allowed. Firm in Enterprise ™ will provide a good and safe working environment and workplace, including compliance with all legal requirements. Every employee contributes to this by all rules governing health and safety at work actually adhered to. Unsafe workplaces should be lifted immediately and reported to the immediate supervisor. Firm in Enterprise ™ aims to contribute to responsible development of the built environment. Good environmental policy is integrated into daily operations. Employees are expected to not commit acts contrary to this objective.

(Cousins) functions
Political aspirations, or the completion of whether public (secondary) positions by employees must not conflict with the law. If necessary, be stated that not speaking Firm in Enterprise ™ opinions and views are taken to be proclaimed. It is not lawful to make statements to third parties and the economic (in) tangible business interests Firm in Enterprise ™ harm. Employees may not perform paid or unpaid outside activities including exercise can come into conflict with the interests of the Firm in Enterprise ™. When in doubt, the Board must be submitted.

Employees are required to complete confidentiality towards any third party any confidential business matters where this does not conflict with a legal duty to disclose. When in doubt, with an independent third party must be submitted. 
 The obligation to keep confidential business matters shall survive termination of the employment force. The board may grant written exemption from the secrecy.

There should be no entries are made or invoices are drawn to the true nature of a cover transaction. The accounts must conform to generally accepted accounting principles and should be designed according to principles and guidelines applicable to Firm in Enterprise ™. Invoices must always be founded on and to be justified.

Company Assets
Require the use of business information including, machinery, equipment, tools, supplies and inventory. These agents should only be used to do business for Firm in Enterprise ™, any other use is prohibited. This also applies to confidential information such as detailed sales and profit figures, marketing plans, specifications and the like. Employees should ensure that such information is kept safe and well and that it is carefully handled.

The work at Firm in Enterprise ™ will be based on business considerations and decisions. Personal interests play no role. Competing or doing business with companies in which relatives or friends of employees interests can cause conflicts of interest. Such relationships must be reported to the board and may be provided by an independent third party, so proper action can be determined.

Inspection, enforcement and sanctions
The management monitors the compliance of the code. When a certain behavior is not in the company code is described, but may still be contrary to the spirit of the Code, judges management on the applicability of the code. 
 The board may study (to) set based on substantiated and unsubstantiated complaint by an employee or third. Employees of Firm in Enterprise ™ are obliged to fully cooperate with such investigation. The employee who suspected that he or she is in violation of the code company has acted, is part of the investigation hearing. 
 Management will present the results of such research in a report (to) capture. Pending an investigation, the executive interim measures of disciplinary and / or employment nature against the employee take. 
 If consideration of an investigation is found in breach of the Code of Conduct is adhered to the board disciplinary and / or employment action against the employee take, depending on the severity of the case may range from reprimand, suspension, dismissal and fines to dismissal. The employee may also, by the directors, be held liable for any damage caused to Firm in Enterprise ™ from the breach of the Code may arise.

This code is adopted and shall enter into force on March 1, 2005.